Friday, September 4, 2009

Microsoft can continue to sell Word (including Custom XML) during appeal

As reported previously (and extensively), Microsoft lost a patent infringement case brought by i4i in Texas regarding Microsoft Word's use of custom XML. The Court ordered Microsoft to stop selling infringing copies within a certain time frame. Microsoft appealed, and has asked the Federal Circuit to stay the injunction.

Yesterday, the Federal Circuit granted Microsoft's Emergency Motion to Stay Permanent Injunction Pending Appeal. I do not yet have a copy of this Order, but Patently-O quotes from it:
Without prejudicing the ultimate determination of this case by the merits panel, the court determines based upon the motion papers submitted that Microsoft has met its burden to obtain a stay of the injunction.
Looking at the Court's docket, the following schedule has been set:
8/25/2009 Appellant Principal Brief Filing Date
9/8/2009 RED BRIEF
9/23/2009 Oral Argument Date / Calendared

Stay tuned...

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