Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Keep it cool, Google

As reported by Slashdot this morning, Google is pursuing a patent application aimed at improvements in cooling computer systems. Entitled "Targeted Cooling or Datacenters," this applicants explain that "Power consumption is ..., in effect, a double whammy. Not only must a data center operator pay for electricity to operate its many computers, but the operator must also pay to cool the computers."

As originally claimed, the application seeks to protect a method of cooling electronic equipment which includes circulating air across a number of electronic devices located in a rack, monitoring the temperature of air, and providing cooler air to the devices when a high cooling load is sensed. The applicants also seek to protect a cooling system which includes air circulation fans, a sensor and a cooler-than-ambient air distributor.

This application was filed on February 26, 2007 and was published more than a year ago on August 28, 2008. (It's not entirely clear to me why this application made Slashdot this morning.) As of today, the application is currently under a non-final rejection for lack of novelty and obviousness.

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